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Quotable Calvin

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

There is good reason that so many have been unable to forget this man Calvin. Murray plucks just a few quotes to whet our appetite for gleaning from his wisdom. This quote is particularly meaningful to me as it admirably summarizes truths that have been brought to bear upon my life during my time at Heritage Presbyterian Church:

We unjustly defraud God of his right, unless each of us lives and  dies dependent on his sovereign pleasure….Our principal motive of consolation consists in this, that by the admirable providence of God, the things we consider adverse, contribute to our salvation, and that we are separated in the world only that we may be once more reunited in his celestial kingdom.”

These words were penned by a man who had intimate experience with real suffering, and who sought to live dependent upon God’s sovereign pleasure. The truths about which Calvin writes here served as bedrock in his own dealings with things adverse. But  his words also serve as an encouragement when God’s sovereign pleasure requires us to be separated for a time from those we have grown to love in this world.

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