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Visit Cornerstone Castle Rock

What to Expect



A church is a community of people who are learning together to know, serve, and follow Jesus. The best way to connect with Cornerstone is to join us on Sunday morning.


We are located on the north side of 5th Street in Castle Rock (just down the hill and on the other side of the street from the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church).  <<DIRECTIONS>>


Parking is located on the south and the east side of the building. The main entrance is on the south side.

When You Arrive

You should expect to be greeted and welcomed as you arrive and enter the worship space. Please be sure to pick up a worship guide that outlines our service. Have a question? Please do not hesitate to ask. Anyone should be able to help you and we are eager to serve you however we can.

We Value Relationship

9:00 AM
10:30 AM
...With Our God

Essential to our understanding of the Christian faith is that God blesses us as his people. By his grace in Jesus Christ, and through faith, God draws us into a healthy relationship with him.  <<READ MORE>>

...With Our Church

We believe that the Christian faith provides unique resources for a vibrant community. Consequently, we are a welcoming church that values meaningful connections with each other molded by our faith in Jesus Christ.  <<READ MORE>>

...With Our Community

We endeavor to be a church that blesses the people of Castle Rock and the surrounding community. The most important thing we have to offer is the good news of Jesus Christ.  


Christian Education

9:00 AM
Growing in Christ

Any athlete who wants to compete must keep training. Similarly, every Christian needs ongoing spiritual training to live the Christian life. Whether you have a pre-schooler or you are in your retirement years, we offer Christian Education for everyone.

Elementary Kids

Our elementary kids' classes are designed to expose kids to the basics of the Christian faith by teaching the one story of God's grace through all the Bible.

Middle and High School

Middle and high schoolers are being trained in theology with an emphasis on biblical apologetics, all grounded in Scripture.

Sanctuary Class

Anyone is welcome to join the Christian Education class in the worship area. Our study is focused on the Bible and applying it to our lives. The class is led by a teacher (or teachers) and will usually be interactive. 


10:30 AM
The Primary Audience

At Cornerstone, we believe that God is the primary audience for worship. Public worship can easily deteriorate into just another form of entertainment.  <<READ MORE>>


Our top priority is for our worship to be God-centered. It must focus on and exalt the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  <<READ MORE>>

The Bible

Next, we desire for our worship to be saturated with God's word. Both the structure and content of our worship service reflects our understanding of what the Bible teaches. <<READ MORE>>

The Gospel

The gospel is the good news of a right relationship with God by grace through Jesus Christ. Our aim is for the whole worship service to be shaped by this gospel. <<READ MORE>>

Historically Rooted

Our worship is structured by the faith that has come down in the church through history. We sing psalms, hymns, and songs that have been passed down by those who have gone before us.  <<READ MORE>>

Means of Grace

Means of Grace is a term that refers to the fact that God has promised to use his word, baptism, the Lord's Supper, and prayer to apply the benefits of salvation to his people.  <<READ MORE>>

What About Kids?

10:30 AM

We love kids. We also believe that the best possible place for them on Sunday morning is with their parents in worship. We truly enjoy having kids join us in worship!  We hope they will learn that the church is a place for them now and for the rest of their lives.


It takes time for children to learn to participate in worship. We joyfully allow for that process. We are not put off by the sights and sounds of kids learning to participate in worship.


Childcare is available during worship through age three.

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