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A plan to grow into the future.

Site Development Concept Drawing.png

Cornerstone has a site development plan that would position us to remain rooted in Castle Rock for long-term ministry. Above is an initial conceptual drawing of the masterplan (likely to undergo development as the process moves forward). We have a plan that allows development in two phases. The first phase amounting to around 6500 square feet will be a multipurpose building, including a kitchen and bathrooms. It will be able to accommodate worship and nursery, while the current building is used for offices and Sunday school classrooms.

In phase two, the current building will be torn down and replaced with a narthex and sanctuary. The sanctuary plan currently includes a cry room. In addition, phase two will accommodate office space, meeting space, classrooms for all ages, and a nursery, all of which will be below the main level. It further includes a fireside room that can be used for various purposes. Finally, the plan includes two outdoor spaces, one a courtyard, and the other a more contemplative space near the sanctuary. The total development will be around 20,000 square feet.

Our goal for the design is first of all that it would reflect our identity, ministry, and theological commitments as a church. Next, we have sought for it to be welcoming and hospitable to our community. We want to remain a long-term part of Castle Rock for sustained service. Finally, and most importantly, we hope that it will beautiful and so glorify God! With that said, in current dollars, the opinion of probable cost for phase 1 is around $2 million; for phase 2 it is around $4.9 million.

In order to move toward phase one, we have recently renovated our outbuilding to accommodate children’s classrooms and office space. We also plan to reconfigure the space in our main building to expand our worship space.

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