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Will Brick and Mortar Bookstores Survive?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Albert Mohler argues in this post that brick and mortar bookstores matter. With the recent financial difficulties faced by Borders, some voices have prophesied the demise of bricks and mortar bookstores. As a side note, I’m still bitter toward Borders. Several years ago they bought out a local bookstore in Clayton, MO called The Library Limited. It was near our home, and Jennifer and I enjoyed frequenting it. It was a wonderful store. Borders proceeded to close that store and set up another one in a slightly different location. The new store, of course, was utterly lacking in the character of the one they closed. But I digress. I personally resonate with Mohler’s reasons for hoping that the bricks and mortar stores will still have a place. He owns both a Kindle and an iPad, so he isn’t anti-technology. He just thinks they can’t completely replace physical books, and that there will be severe consequences if they do. What do you think?

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