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What Churches Must Learn From Penn State

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Whether you like Mohler or not, I think he is spot on when it comes to this blog post about what churches must learn from the Penn State scandal. He writes that educational institutions everywhere have entered a world forever changed when it comes to moral responsibility.

But churches have an even higher responsibility when it comes to child abuse. Mohler issues a call to decisive action. He’s sympathetic to the questions that leaders inevitably face when it comes to accusations like the ones against Sandusky. For that very reason leaders must decide what they will do in advance.

This scandal has provided the kind of moral clarity that should lead to immediate and resolute action. The top priority of leaders must be to act in the interest of the children where abuse is alleged. He argues that churches must never become safe places for abusers. I would suggest that this is a post anyone will benefit reading, and especially anyone who is in church or educational leadership.

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