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The Temptation of Abstract Purity

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

“Their mistake is to think that solicitation to abstract purity come from God—abstracted, that is, from the necessity for divine forgiveness by the One who told us we are pure, but we are in need of having him wash the dust of impurity from our feet. Every demand for purity apart from active submission to Christ in his continual application of the forgiveness  we continually require may be confidently identified as the voice of Satan” (Touchstone, Volume 23, Number 4, page 6).

Or to put it another way, the path of sanctification that God sets before His people requires continual repentance and forgiveness. That pattern is not an accidental element of the Christian life—best to be avoided. It is the only way of the Christian life. We are people who confess our sin before God (and one another) and receive the forgiveness that comes from Christ.

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